About the Yukon River Panel

Management of Pacific salmon has long been a matter of common concern to the United States and Canada. In 2001, after many years of negotiation, the Yukon River Salmon Agreement was signed and it represented an international commitment to the restoration, conservation and management of salmon upon which Yukon River communities depend. The Yukon River Panel is the body formed by the governments of Canada and the United States to implement the Yukon River Salmon Agreement.

The Yukon River Panel is a twelve-person body with six Panel members each from the United States and Canada, representing the interests of Yukon River fishers, First Nations, Tribal Councils, fisheries managers and others who depend upon salmon for subsistence, cultural, commercial or recreational purposes.

Among other provisions, the Yukon River Salmon Agreement established a bilateral Restoration and Enhancement Fund to support programs, projects and associated research and management activities directed towards the restoration, conservation and enhancement of Canadian-origin salmon stocks in the Yukon River.

The Yukon River Panel

The Yukon River Panel is an international advisory body, composed of fishers and users of Yukon River salmon resources from the U.S. and Canada, who make recommendations to management entities on both sides of the border concerning the conservation and management of salmon originating in Canada.

Organizational Structure

Unlike other Panels and Committees established under the Pacific Salmon Treaty, the Yukon River Panel follows its own internal procedures independent of the Pacific Salmon Commission—the body formed by U.S. and Canadian governments to implement the Pacific Salmon Treaty. It is supported in this work by a Joint Technical Committee.

Contact Us

Contact the YRP via the Panel Administrator located at the Pacific Salmon Commission office in Vancouver, BC, Canada.