Organizational Structure


Fishers and users of the Yukon River salmon resource

U.S. Management

Federal, State, Tribal, Non-Profit Organizations, and Advisory Councils

Canada Management

Federal, Territorial and First Nation Governments, Non-Profit Organizations, and Public Advisory Bodies

Yukon River Panel

Fishers and users of the Yukon River salmon resource from the U.S. and Canada, make recommendations to management entities on both sides of the border concerning conservation and management of salmon originating in Canada.

Joint Technical Committee

Representatives from U.S. State and Federal agencies, Canadian Territorial, First Nation and Federal agencies, and local and regional organizations and advisory bodies, are charged with various tasks related to Yukon River salmon stock assessment and management

Restoration and Enhancement Fund

U.S. sponsored appropriations for research focused on restoration, conservation and enhancement of Canadian-origin wild salmon stocks, to include stewardship development of salmon habitat and to maintain viable salmon fisheries within Canada to support efforts to increase understanding of the factors that affect Yukon River salmon health and abundance.

Public Applicants to Restoration & Enhancement Fund