Yukon River Panel Meetings

NOTICE – Due to the emerging and rapidly changing situation surrounding COVID-19, and informed by both guidance and direction from local, regional and federal health authorities, the 2020 Pre-Season Yukon River Panel bilateral and public meetings are cancelled.  Although this is not an easy decision, it is the right decision given the current circumstances and it is being made in the best interest of the health of Panel members, advisors, agency representatives, members of the public and their families and communities.

We recognize the importance of information sharing, international cooperation and coordination of fishery management, and the interests of project proponents who have submitted applications to the Yukon River Restoration and Enhancement Fund for consideration in the current cycle.  In this regard we will be issuing a joint-statement in the coming weeks which will communicate details on these and other aspects pertaining to the conservation and management of Canadian-origin salmon stocks and the disbursement of Yukon River Restoration and Enhancement Fund.

We encourage you to periodically visit the Yukon River Panel’s website for updates and additional information at:

https://www.yukonriverpanel.com/publications/news-and-announcements/  or


John Linderman Steve Gotch
U.S. Co-Chair Canadian Co-Chair
Yukon River Panel Yukon River Panel

The Yukon River Panel typically meets two times a year
  • Spring (March or April)
  • Fall (December)
The meeting location alternates each calendar year between the U.S. (Alaska) and Canada (Yukon Territory). The public is invited and welcome to attend the Panel meetings. This is an opportunity to:
  • learn what is happening with Yukon River salmon stocks and their habitats;
  • hear the issues being dealt with by the Panel;
  • become aware of the Panel’s salmon stock and habitat Restoration & Enhancement (R&E) Fund projects being considered;
  • meet the members of the Panel, Advisers and the Joint Technical Committee; and
  • voice your views and concerns, during and after the Panel meeting.
The business of the Panel meetings includes: