Enhanced Education and Outreach – Salmonids in the Classroom

Can-nic-a-Nick Environmental Services and Fish on Yukon – Instruction and Outreach will coordinate the two components of the program, with Can-nic-a-Nick Environmental Services focusing on the technical/aquaculture components of the program (aquarium set-up & maintenance, permitting, incubation, egg takes, and fry release) with Fish on Yukon enhancing the classroom, public relations, partnership development, media relations and general communications components of the program.

This new approach to the delivery of the Salmonids in the Classroom through the two separate funding requests will allow Can-nic-a-Nick to focus on the essential tasks related to the aquarium/fish culture or technical aspects while Fish on Yukon will focus on enhancing the education and outreach. Through discussions with Can-nic-a-Nick, the maintenance, repair (i.e. chillers, tanks) and fish culture (obtaining eggs and milt) is often the priority throughout the school year and takes considerable effort and is prone to timing and logistical challenges. The challenges of combining the technical and educational aspects will be removed through this new approach. There is also value in a team approach to ensure that corporate knowledge on the program is not lost should there be turnover within the project.

The Enhanced Education and Outreach – Salmonids in the Classroom will be led and delivered by Fish on Yukon – Instruction and Outreach with support from the Pacific Region – SEP Unit of Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

The impetus for this project is driven by the concern that the Yukon public is losing their connection to Yukon salmon. In the absence of being able to fish for Canadian-origin Yukon River and Porcupine salmon (recreational and commercial) and drastic conservation (subsistence) amongst First Nations and rural Alaska and Yukon, there are limited opportunities to harvest and make a connection. In the absence of this connection there is a concern that they will no longer value and protect this resource.

CC-156-19. Salmon in the Schools Report 2019

CC-156-18. Salmon in the Schools Final Report

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