Mica Creek Chinook Restoration Investigation

The purpose of this project is for the Selkirk First Nation (SFN) to conduct Chinook salmon habitat assessment and monitoring on Mica Creek to set the stage for future restoration opportunities in the watershed. Mica Creek is a medium to large creek that flows into the Pelly River within the community of Pelly Crossing and is the most accessible and visible of the Chinook spawning creeks in the Selkirk First Nation Traditional Territory. There is a considerable knowledge base of salmon utilization in the watershed; however, this information is dated (1990s, early 2000s) and requires updating. This project aims to update existing information of Chinook salmon in Mica Creek to assist in determining suitable options for salmon restoration and enhancement within the stream. Existing community information indicates that although Chinook continue to spawn in the watershed currently, their numbers of extent of spawning habitat were formerly much larger than currently. Chinook salmon are culturally and spiritually significant to Selkirk First Nation, for that reason all aspects of this projects would be in line with SFN’s salmon management plan; Our Way – salmon from long time ago and today. This project will investigate methods of restoration that create benefits while maintaining broader goals of maintaining stock diversity and sustainable harvesting opportunities. Mica Creek is located in a relatively pristine area and the importance of focusing on sustainable actions to help the native fish species is of the utmost importance to SFN.