Mountain Village Cooperative Chinook Salmon Drift Test Fishery Outreach and Communication Project

Yukon Delta Fisheries Development Association  in cooperation with Asacarsarmiut Tribal Council (ATC) and ADF&G will conduct an outreach and education project in Mountain Village, Alaska. The targeted audience for this outreach and education project are the elementary and high school students that attend school in Mountain Village.

Presentations regarding Chinook salmon biology, conservation, and the Mountain Village Chinook salmon test fishery will be made by Gene Sandone, representing YDFDA, (and possibly ADF&G staff) to school children during one or two days in September 2012. After the presentation, the students will be invited to participate in a contest that would require them to relay either what they know or have learned about Yukon River Chinook salmon biology, conservation, and/or the Mountain Village Chinook salmon test fishery in art form for elementary school students and in an essay for high school students. Prizes for the contest winners in each school category will be provided by YDFDA.

The art work from the elementary school students will be provided to ADF&G and USFWS for possible display on Yukon Area subsistence calendars, or submitted as entries for the contest for the cover of ADF&G and USGWS regulation booklets.