Salmon Know No Borders – Communications Campaign

This campaign will be directed by the Yukon River Panel Communications Committee (YRP-CC) (includes representatives from US and Canada) and facilitated through the Yukon River Drainage Fisheries Association and Yukon Salmon Sub-Committee and a series of professional contractors, including ESSA Technologies who has experience with this type of work in Alaska and The Yukon. The YRP-CC proposes to embark on a two-year communications campaign focused on a series of journalistic style short videos on the ecology, cultural importance, and management of Yukon River salmon. These video products would be shareable on multiple websites and social media platforms, including those of the Yukon River Panel and the International Year Of the Salmon. The videos would be accompanied by supporting communications and outreach products targeting alternative communication channels, which might include radio stories, print posters and brochures, and interactive games that could be deployed in classrooms and at community events. Both the videos and other products will be developed with a strong focus on plain-language narrative storytelling emphasizing personal stories and accompanied by powerful visuals leveraging photographs and video shot within the Yukon River region to better anchor these narratives to specific places.