Salmon Run Health/Fishing Restrictions Sandwich Board

Attaching signage to significant traffic areas will inform the public of the salmon crisis. The signs will consist of a sandwich board style sign located at Teslin and one mounted sign at Johnson’s Crossing on the Alaska Highway. Both signs will have a color gradient indicating Chinook salmon run numbers. A moveable salmon cut-out on a slider will indicate the Chinook salmon population estimate for the year. The fishing guidelines and any Teslin Tlingit Council (TTC) resolutions pertaining to the salmon will also be posted underneath a Plexiglas covering.

Informing TTC citizens of changes to their regulations based on the current salmon populations allows citizens to take an interest in salmon management. If misinformation about salmon regulations makes its way into the community the public will be informed enough to counter it with the current regulations. They can use the sign to validate their information or they can send the individuals to the Department of Lands and Resources (this will also be highlighted on the sign). TTC citizens would be more likely to fish during the allotted times if properly informed by these signs. In the rare case that an individual chooses not to follow these regulations, those individuals will be known to be working against the TTC resolutions and the educated public will be able to voice their concerns to these people confident in their understanding of the current restrictions.