Selkirk Nation Salmon Citizen Outreach and Communications Plan

Selkirk First Nation (SFN) citizens are actively fishing for Yukon River Chinook and are very traditional people. Engagement with the middle Yukon River and the Northern Tutchone First Nations is important and essential to get a full picture of the Canadian side of the Yukon River fishery. SFN leadership would like to work with agencies, other First Nations, and other stakeholders to support conservation and positively contribute to rebuilding Canadian-origin Yukon River and Pelly River stocks. Citizen outreach and communications is where it starts to ensure that the people along the river understand, are actively involved, and part of the solution. There are also advantages in supporting SFN in that they are connected to other actively fishing Northern Tutchone First Nations. The May Gathering is a pivotal annual meeting where the Northern Tutchone Governments discuss fish and wildlife. By SFN presenting strategic and well informed communications materials at the May Gathering serves to inform all middle river Yukon communities.

There is an increased interest by agencies, media and other stakeholders in the approach that SFN is taking to manage their Chinook and Fall Chum fisheries. It takes an incredible amount of effort and resources to keep citizens informed and often the external audiences and their interests are secondary. This SFN Salmon Citizen Outreach and Communications initiative will also create materials for external organizations to understand the SFN approach to salmon management, assessment and restoration.

As discussed youth will also be a target audience with some dedicated outreach and communications. This may take place with a presentation/workshop at Eliza Van Bibber school or dedicated materials. This is mainly a K-12 group. Many young people (teenagers and adults) are involved, helping at family fish camp but do not know the context around management.