Ta’an Kwäch’än Council (TKC) Community Stewardship Program

The goal of our program is to build TKC member and staff capacity with regards to salmon related technical work, while implementing/maintaining several TKC salmon initiatives. Our proposal will consist of hiring one Steward (technician) who will conduct a variety of monitoring and assessment activities related to Chinook salmon stocks and habitat in the TKC Traditional Territory along with the Fish and Wildlife Steward.

The restoration of Chinook salmon to Fox Creek, apart from the obvious merits of this project, raises the profile of First Nation and citizen involvement in salmon restoration and management. Coupled with public outreach projects such as the involvement of the Stewards with Summer Culture Camp, and Family Fish Camp (CRE-128-13) will provide opportunity to the proposed activity of collecting ASL data from TKC citizens, this project works to build trust and communication between the TKC government and its citizens, and encourages citizen participation in Chinook salmon management initiatives, including in-season harvest estimates.

The data collected through the TKC Community Stewardship Program is publically accessible and may contribute to future management decisions. Furthermore, as the project develops the type and quality of data collected continues to increase and improve. TKC now owns a significant amount of required sampling equipment and is involved in a number of ecological assessment and monitoring projects throughout the Traditional Territory.