Yukon River Chinook Salmon Mainstem Outplant Program Spawning Success Evaluation

The goal of this project will be to determine Chinook salmon spawning success from hatchery juveniles out-planted in the mainstem of the Yukon River.  Success will be investigated by surveying the study area for emergent fry (0+) in early spring using electro-fishing instrumentation. Spawning success assessment will be complemented by conducting adult spawning surveys in August.  The deliverable will be a report detailing the work conducted and an opinion on the success/value of outplanting chinook fry into this section of the Yukon River and if the practice should be continued or other options considered.  As this investigation will be conducted in the vicinity of another outplant location (i.e. Wolf Creek) information relevant to the understanding of this location will be obtained although the focus will be on the mainstem.