Yukon River International Salmon Summit (Salmon Know No Borders)

The goal of this project is to increase the capacity of users and non-users of the salmon resource in communities along the entire Yukon River drainage to maintain and protect salmon stocks and their habitat. This will be achieved through creating, between user and non-user groups, a greater understanding of one another, of key issues, and of salmon management. The objective is to hold an unprecedented meeting of affected Alaskan Tribes and inter-tribal groups, affected Yukon First Nations, stakeholder groups, processors and management agencies from across the drainage, including ADF&G, USFWS, and DFO. While Yukon River Panel meetings have provided opportunities for these groups to meet in the past, these opportunities have only been done on a partial or limited scale. This proposal is distinguished by the fact that the project will involve all available stakeholder groups.

In essence, this project aims to enhance cross-border knowledge and understanding amongst all organizations, communities and management agencies involved in Yukon River fisheries. As such, the agenda is crafted to present management structures, local and regional harvests, key concerns, and current approaches to addressing poor Chinook salmon returns.

Deliverables will include presentations and any plans developed at the meeting. The project will also result in increased understanding, and stronger relationships for future work and cooperation. Further, a professionally developed and designed report will be sent to every invited organization.